The Human Intelligence Project

Introducing “The Human Intelligence Project”. Emerging technologies raise the question: Is AI better than the human mind? Although some assume AI has the potential to defeat human brainpower, we believe they can and should co-exist. At Max Connect we call the combination of AI and humans, “Human Intelligence. To showcase the human element of our industry, we created “The Human Intelligence Project.” This project offers a glimpse inside the minds of our creative and talented team members.” Learn more about the amazing people behind the technologies at Max Connect by reading our blog posts below.

The Human Intelligence Project - Will

It’s part three of “The Human Intelligence Project,” and next on our list is William Rowe. Will is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and has been with Max Connect for just over 3 years. Essentially, he pushes the buttons so you don't have to.

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The Human Intelligence Project - Devin

“The Human Intelligence Project” is in full swing, and our next team member we’re highlighting is one of Max Connect’s partners, Devin Deaton.

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The Human Intelligence Project - Kevin

We’re kicking off “The Human Intelligence Project” to offer a glimpse inside the minds of our team members and how they leverage tools to provide the most innovative solutions for our clients. For our first employee showcase, we’re shining the light on our lead developer, Kevin Landgren.

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