2020 Holiday Predictions: Here's How to Prepare

Are You Ready for the Critical Holiday Season and to Fully Connect With Your Customers? 

This will be the most uncertain holiday season we’ve ever seen and it will be critical to fully connect with your consumer audiences to be successful this year. Are you ready? 

In order to help you be more certain in these uncertain times, I’ve outlined below a number of considerations and predictions for the coming season. I’ve also provided a brief strategic checklist to follow in your holiday preparations at the end of my blog to help enable your potential for success. 

Holiday Media Mix Predictions

#1: Digital Spend will increase with focus on performance media and marketing. Efficiency, measurement and attribution will be necessary. Source: Salesforce Blog

#2: It will also be critical to plant at the market level — real localization. Source: Salesforce Blog

#3: This holiday it will be even more important for marketers to focus on audience segmentation & targeting to reach the right customers, in the right location, at the right time (based on who is in-market) Source: Salesforce Blog

Holiday Messaging Predictions

Consumers will value messages such as store hours, order status and pickup instructions to ensure safety and convenience throughout the holiday season. 85% of consumers will want important operational update messages during the pandemic. We believe the messaging tone should be a delicate balance between brand (empathy & emotion) and discounts (demand & margin). Retailers must plan early, but have the ability to be nimble, and as the holiday landscape evolves, be ready to shift the spend to higher performing channels.

E-Commerce Predictions

Earlier Holiday Demand: We predict that the Prime Day event in October could potentially steal up to 10% of Cyber Week’s digital revenue. COVID-19 will continue to set new precedents in e-commerce penetration: We predict that up to 30% of global retail sales will be made through digital channels this upcoming holiday season.

Stores as fulfillment centers: We predict that sites offering store pickup — curbside, inside, drive through — will see a 90% increase in digital sales over the previous holiday season. 

Media mix will continue to dramatically shift to personalizations and localization: We predict that 10% of mobile orders will be through social channels with peak days reaching between 12-15% of mobile orders. 

COVID-19 will set a new precedent in e-commerce penetration: We predict that up to 30% of global retail sales will be made through digital channels this upcoming holiday season. 85% of retailers believe online sales will increase this holiday season. Page views increased 31.4% and order count rose 65.9% compared to usual - COVID-19 set to exacerbate this trend. Increase in question submission as shoppers intensify their gift shopping with a 4.5% increase last October over the typical month. Shoppers are engaging with customer reviews, photos, questions and answers as they research gifts online.

Prepare for a Different Holiday Season 

To help you succeed and crush your competition this holiday season, here is your holiday marketing checklist:

  • Ensure strategic planning of media budgets 
  • Conduct a comprehensive media mix analysis 
  • Conduct a thorough website audit (desktop and mobile) 
  • Think Mobile first in all strategic planning 
  • Analyze the competition and create conquest strategies 
  • Determine key audiences for each campaign
  • Success measures and KPIs determined 
  • Social Media strategy and plans have been devised 
  • Email optimization and planning.

Let Max Connect Help You Prepare for the Holidays

We work with clients and partners across industries and channels, leveraging this experience to develop impactful strategies.To prepare for the holiday season, contact Max Connect Marketing today at 801.260.4209.