Beltway Companies Case Study

International Trucking dealer Beltway Companies was looking to revamp their digital ecosystem after previously dabbling in digital marketing in 2019 and early 2020. After partnering with boutique digital marketing agency Max Connect Marketing in July 2020, Beltway Companies has increased their investment by 5 times in digital marketing since the results from recent marketing efforts have paid off big. For instance, they have seen ROAS increase from 3x to over 9x marketing spend and now have a dominant market share for their region as the preferred trucking dealer of choice.


Beltway Companies is a dealer for International Trucking throughout the MidAtlantic region of the U.S. and specifically Maryland. They had previously dabbled in digital marketing with a few vendors in 2019 and part of 2020, but were not seeing any measurable results and real value in the digital investment they were making.

Beltway needed a strategic marketing partner to help navigate through the pandemic in 2020 and help achieve significant year-over-year revenue growth. They hoped to achieve significant results in their organic rankings and leads/conversions generated in addition to driving highly qualified traffic by paid search, social and programmatic display efforts.


We formulated our strategy by using behavioral data from Google Analytics and Beltway’s CRM and ROI campaign baseline data to determine which types of trucks, messaging/offer, and landing page would resonate most with customers, based on functionality and specifications they are in need of to continue to operate their business.

We further segmented remarketing audiences based on the type of truck and build-out they are in the market for. This is based on the customer's location (Beltway has 8 dealership locations in Maryland), then dynamically delivered ads with corresponding offers and landing pages containing the most relevant inventory and types of truck builds.

From there, we formulated multiple audience segments within paid search, social and programmatic display ads to continue to stay in front of them with consistency in their customer journey. This allowed us to deliver higher quality traffic for businesses in-market to purchase a new truck build from Beltway Companies.

We also added targeting around main interstates and highways leading into Beltway’s territory which allows us to target truck drivers that need assistance while they are on the road. We used specific truck part ID’s in our keyword strategies. While performance/costs of these keywords varies, it has been a strategy that has shown us the uniqueness of the trucking industry and its customers.

Our conquesting efforts coupled with sales & services strategies has been a main focus as we have worked with Beltway. K. Neal International, Beltway’s largest competitor (who they very much dislike), has been put out of business. Beltway is very excited about this, and accredits us largely for helping them gain that market share.


The results of this campaign from July 2020 through December 2020 on both a paid digital and organic front have far exceeded the clients expectations. In addition to propelling them forward to dominant market share in their region for the last 6 months of 2020, we have been able to generate a 9X return on ad spend with detailed attribution, connecting specific audiences and paid campaign segments to individual leads and truck sales revenue generated. Beltway has achieved record sales over the last 8 months and continues to pace in 2021 for major growth as a brand and among all locations.

The client saw tremendous YoY due to SEO efforts with goal completions growing by over 1,000% and goal conversion rate increasing by 460% in addition to increased traffic.

More specific results:

Website Traffic & Goal Conversion Impact

Comparing December 2020 to December 2019, Beltway saw an increase of new users by 51% and sessions by 72% with more users returning to the website that are engaged and serious buyers. We were able to see the average session increase by 22% with a dramatic improvement on sitewide goal conversion rate from 3% up to 28%. We were able to generate 1,973 conversions/leads in December of 2020 compared to 124 in the previous period (a nearly 1,500% improvement)

Market share Growth

International Trucking, with exclusive distributorship in the region by Beltway Companies, has grown to take over dominant market share by manufacturing with 581 units sold and approximately 30% of the market. The client attributes this tremendous growth to superior marketing and lead generation efforts from the digital and SEO campaigns.

“Having the right partners is everything when it comes to managing your dealership's Digital Marketing success. Michael Migliorini, Canden & Taylor, Brooke (and everyone else I have worked with) are nothing short of amazing. They do not treat you like a client, you're a partner. Michael is hand's down the *best* account manager I have worked with. No matter how busy he is – he still takes the time to assist you. Especially considering the time difference. I accidentally called Michael at 6AM his time (felt terrible after realizing what I did!), and not only did he answer but he updated something for me! What more could you ask for!?

I can say the same for Canden, Taylor & Brooke. I always look forward to our strategy meetings as they not only come prepared, but are willing to have a conversation. If you need a solid digital marketing/seo company, you need MaxConnect!”

  • Derrick Woolfson, Director of Marketing, Beltway Companies