Don’t Leave 2021 to Chance



Investing in digital marketing can often feel like gambling, and for good reason. Brands are asked to take hard-earned revenue, and throw it on the table in hopes their bets will lead to further sales. They’re not wrong to do so, especially right now. As digital transforms how we all do business, the potential windfalls become even larger, because modern technology opens up so many new potential customers. 

Furthermore, the standard beliefs about how consumers behave have largely been upended by our new normal, creating new behaviors that require marketers to think differently about how they engage. So while there is more potential than ever, there are new risks that must be understood. 

The question brands need to ask more than any other is what can be done to stack the deck in their favor, and remove as much chance as they can from the equation. 

For example, did you know it’s possible to identify customers who are in the process of researching a certain product category, as they’re deep within the consideration process? With the right technology and human intelligence, brands today are able to find and serve ads to only the customers who are ready to buy. 

In reality, it’s possible to find customers at every stage of the buying process, whether for small purchases like candy to meaningful, lifelong decisions like buying a home. There are stages to every purchase decision, and understanding them provides all the potential a growing brand needs to continue its upward trajectory. Or to reverse a flat or downward trend. 

Case Study: One of our clients, Seven Desert Mountain (a prestigious and critically-acclaimed golfing community), had been experiencing less than desired sales results before we began to partner with them in November of 2020. Prior to our partnership, they had sold limited homes over the previous 18 months. Once we began the new strategies and marketing solutions working closely with their marketing leadership team, sales of homes grew to another 23 closes in just 4 months:

These are amazing results driven by website lead sessions, which grew more than 300%.  Website growth also included dramatic improvement in the key metrics like bounce rate, time on site and page views per session. While satisfied with the results, the marketing leadership team was most impressed with the overall lead growth because it will continue to fuel sales results into the future.

You have probably played Blackjack, aka “21” at some point in your life, and perhaps most recently you’ve even played a game or two on your phone to pass some well-deserved down time. While fun and at times even exhilarating with the lure of gaining a “payout” at the end of it all, the parallels one can draw toward today’s business environment don’t allow for any of us leaving business success to chance. We all need more surety of short-term and ongoing success in the rapidly changing business environment.


We have all read about the continued rapid growth of e-commerce and shifting consumer consumption habits, combined with new strategies and trends to reach these consumers. With all of this change, how do you make the best bets with your investments in ‘21?


There is terminology used in Blackjack called the Perfect Play which is when you play your cards according to widely accepted Blackjack strategy. At Max Connect Marketing, we believe we have the Perfect Play built upon proven strategies for our clients using our Real-time Intent Platform which combines the use of real-time data, our proprietary cutting-edge technology along with our human intelligence to provide the best possible solutions and outcomes for our clients.




Our goal at Max Connect Marketing is to ensure you don’t leave the year of ’21 to chance. As a full-service boutique digital advertising agency, we are uniquely qualified and positioned to assist with the strategic development of your marketing programs. Through utilizing our trained and qualified personnel and tools available we’ll help enable a more guaranteed payout of your marketing investments throughout ’21 and beyond.


As business owners, marketing leaders and stewards of the current and future success for your companies, you know that your marketing money is precious. This year as you go “all-in” and potentially even “double-down” for success, I’d encourage you to be sure you are developing your strategies and placing your bets with an industry leader to ensure your investment delivers the payout your company needs. 

Max Connect Marketing has been recognized as one of the top places to work in its home state of Utah and is part of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies. We are very proud of these accomplishments but are even more proud of the successes we’ve helped provide for our clients.


As you investigate what to improve in your specific marketing strategies and efforts to realize your sales goals, how can you deal yourself in for success in ‘21? Find out more now at or through me directly at


Finally, before you step away from the table, Max Connect Marketing will give you the opportunity to play with “house money” as we provide complementary digital and SEO audits on your behalf while helping you set up a winning game plan for 2021 and beyond.