First-Party Data: The New Strategic Advantage

For marketers, the data privacy landscape is changing as quickly as they can keep up In this fluid environment, a lot of marketing agencies are questioning how to guide their clients down the path of having the right data to make the right decisions. Clients also need agency guidance to know how to source and use the data properly.

Phil Case, President & Chief Client Officer at Max Connect Marketing believes the answer lies in embracing first-party data now, before brands no longer have a choice. Phil believes that first-party data should be one of the biggest investments agencies should encourage their clients to make in the next 12 months.

Why invest in first-party data now?

It’s the best way to turn all of the pending regulatory confusion into a business development opportunity.

The agencies that invest today in technology that provides their clients with a deeper understanding of their own first party (customer) data will have a clear competitive advantage going forward. They’ll have the data, sure. But they’ll also have a jump start on getting ahead of data privacy compliance in a post-cookie world.

Hear more from Phil about how his agency is developing its own solutions to manage the changing data privacy landscape at the link to the full episode below.