How to Win in 2020

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “What is the silver bullet?” As much as I would like to feel like Batman pulling one out of the Batmobile, there isn’t one single silver bullet in marketing. That’s due to the simple fact that:


Consumer behavior is not linear.


In the old days of digital marketing, you could get a great ad in front of the right consumer at the right time, drive them to a well converting landing page and generate the purchase. Unfortunately, the world has changed. The same consumer in 2020 would see the same ad at the same time, go the same landing page and.. compare the price.. ask a friend.. check Instagram.. search for reviews.. check Amazon.. Consumer behavior has changed. There is so much research being done between multiple devices, various websites, different review platforms, Amazon, Instagram, texting a friend, etc. that it is extremely difficult to get a purchase off of one channel or ad.


The way you win in 2020 is with a cohesive omni-channel marketing approach.


Staying in front of a consumer along their entire purchase journey is the way you win. Delivering a consistent and compelling message across search, social, display,video, audio, OTT, & email will keep you top of mind and at the forefront of the buying decision.


If you are not winning online, you will not win in 2020.


Online marketing needs to be the driver of your overall marketing plan. It needs to be the primary focus. No longer can online marketing be looked at as the afterthought. All marketing campaigns start with an audience. Once you have developed your target audience, build messaging around those audiences and then deliver that creative to your audiences across all online channels to stay in front of your consumers. That is how you win in 2020.


To answer the questions, “What is the silver bullet?” The silver bullet is doing a lot of little things the right way.