The Human Intelligence Project - Brinden

“The Human Intelligence Project” is in full swing, and our next team member we’re highlighting is our Director of Digital Marketing, Brinden.

Get to Know Brinden

As the director of digital marketing, Brinden oversees the digital team. More specifically, he works with the digital managers to ensure their accounts are performing at a high level. Brinden is also responsible for our digital strategy and directs how we structure campaigns. Fun fact: Brinden created our current paid search strategy for all of our accounts.

When Brinden isn't dominating the digital marketing game, he enjoys spending time with his family. He loves his kids, and spending time with them is what brings him the most joy in life. Born in Calgary AB, Canada, Brinden has called Utah home since he was 2 years old. He’s the youngest of 8 siblings (6 older brothers and 1 older sister). As a sports lover, he’s a HUGE Utah Jazz fan. He watches all 82 games every year. Even if he’s out of town, he records them and watches them. Brinden doesn't just watch sports. He likes to join in on the action and has played volleyball since high school.  

Stay Tuned For More Human Intelligence

“The Human Intelligence Project” is just getting started, so make sure to check back each week as we feature another team member. If you have questions in the meantime or need a killer  marketing campaign, hit us up at (385) 425-6731, or send us an email at