The Human Intelligence Project - Jeff

Jeff Pearson is up next for the “The Human Intelligence Project." This effort showcases the wide ranging skills and experience of Max Connect's team members.

Get to Know Jeff Pearson

Jeff joins Max Connect from Zimmerman Advertising, where he was their Chief Client Officer. In addition to his experience in the agency space with Zimmerman, Jeff has vast experience as an in-house marketing executive at companies including Lids Sport Group, hhgregg, and Whirlpool.

At both hhgregg and Lids, Jeff was instrumental in the incredible growth and success of their e-commerce offerings, as he focused on driving omnichannel marketing initiatives across the organization. Through Jeff’s talents,’s ecommerce revenues grew to more than 15% of total sales in 2018. Additionally, through Jeff’s marketing leadership, hhgregg reached a combined $2.5B in revenue across its e-commerce property and its 225 brick and mortar locations.

Jeff’s retail experience also includes new store openings, product launches, and social campaigns, as well as traditional marketing strategies and campaigns focused on driving store and website performance.

“I am excited for the opportunity to be part of the Max Connect Team and to work closely with clients to drive sales growth and long-term success for their businesses,” says Jeff. “After meeting the Max Connect Team, I was immediately impressed with their entrepreneurial spirit and their drive for excellence on behalf of their clients. I am excited to bring my professional experience to Max Connect and to immediately add value to the organization.”

On a personal note, Jeff has been married for almost 30 years to my his wife, Tracy. They spent the first half of their married lives in Utah, where he worked for RC Willey Home Furnishings and MarketStar. They made the move to Michigan, Indiana, and most recently in South Florida. While living in Utah, they had three children. Josie is now 25, Collin is 23, and Jake is 19. He also has two grandsons, Wesley and Brooks.

Jeff loves the outdoors, fitness, and generally being busy most of the time. You won't find him just siting around and hanging out. He'd rather be working, working out, playing golf, doing yard work, or being outside in the sun. Skiing has recently become a passion of his over the past four years, with his favorite spot being Snowbasin or Powder Mountain.