The Human Intelligence Project - Kevin

The Intersection of Human and Machine

In today’s tech-driven world, artificial intelligence (AI) has grabbed much of the spotlight. In fact, we frequently see stories about how AI is revolutionizing the marketing industry. But let’s not forget the human element. Our innovative digital marketing strategies take on a hybrid approach, combining the most sophisticated machine learning technologies and the smartest minds in the industry. We call it human intelligence.

We’re kicking off “The Human Intelligence Project” to offer a glimpse inside the minds of our team members and how they leverage tools to provide the most innovative solutions for our clients. For our first employee showcase, we’re shining the light on our lead developer, Kevin Landgren.

Introducing Kevin Landgren

World record holder, photographer, climber - Those are just a few words to describe Kevin. But his talents go above and beyond that. As a key player at Max Connect, Kevin crafts a more beautiful web through creative design and clean code. During the development and launching of client websites, he handles everything from design, code production, server deployment, and DNS management. If any issues happen to pop up, like slow site speed, database disconnects, or rendering issues, Kevin’s our go-to guy. He’s also fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React and Flow languages.

In addition to holding world records and creating beautiful and functional websites, Kevin utilizes Google Tag Manager to gain a bird's-eye view of user behavior on our clients’ websites. He pulls specific data sets to provide our marketing team with the details they need to get the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. On top of being our lead web developer, Kevin carries out all of our photo shoots and video production to bring brands to life.

The Human Intelligence Project is just gearing up. Make sure to check back each week as we showcase another team member. If you have questions in the meantime or need a killer marketing campaign, hit us up at (801) 260-2835 or send us an email at: