The Human Intelligence Project - Kyle

It's part five of "The Human Intelligence Project," and we're showcasing one of Max Connect's partners, Kyle Nelson.

Get to Know Kyle Nelson

Born and raised in Concord, California, Kyle has called Utah home for over 25 years. As an outdoors guy, his favorite part of living in the beehive state is exploring and enjoying the mountains. In fact, he's done several 50-mile backpacking trips. When he's not backpacking, he's reveling in his passion for cycling. He's competed at Lotoja 10 times. Lotoja is the longest single day road bike race in the country at over 200 miles. He was part of the group that set the course record in 2012 by completing the race in under 9 hours, which was the first time that anyone went sub-9. This goal took five years to accomplish. Kyle learned that small improvements are key to achieving large goals.

"Every year, we got faster," says Kyle. "There is no silver bullet. We have to do a lot of little things right to accomplish our goals. We have to keep working until we achieve."

On top of being an avid cyclist and backpacker, Kyle loves serving people. He served a two year volunteer church mission in Ecuador, where he became fluent in Spanish. "I learned to be grateful for everything and that people can be happy even though they have nothing. This has helped me create balance in life and work and focus more on people and helping them grow. People are more important than things."

He's the husband to a great wife and proud dad of four kids (three boys, one girl) and has only two left at home. They love to travel together as a family and experience different cultures and scenery. "My family is my biggest support, and they help keep me focused on what's important."

Working in sales his whole life and as a partner of Max Connect, Kyle loves to help people.

"I strive to do everything I can to better my clients' experience. I look at all of our clients as partners in business. If they are successful, then we will be successful. Our focus is 100% on them and helping them succeed. To achieve success, I feel that our people have to be the best of the best. We spend a lot of time searching and finding the right people to work at Max Connect. I like to hire people that are smarter than me. That's how we continue to innovate and grow. Our culture is everything. People have the freedom and flexibility to use their talents and skills. They are encouraged to find a better more efficient way to create success for our clients. We are always open to new ideas. We reward those that improve the agency. It's our way of staying ahead of the competition."

Stay Tuned for More Human Intelligence

At Max Connect, we combine the most sophisticated machine learning technologies and the smartest minds in the industry. We call it human intelligence. To showcase the minds behind our industry-leading digital marketing agency, we recently launched the "The Human Intelligence Project." Stay tuned for next week as we shine the spotlight on another team member of Max Connect. If you need a fresh, forward-thinking marketing campaign, hit us up at (801) 260-2835, or send us an email at