Human Intelligence Project - Mike

As a digital marketing agency, we harness the power of A.I. to create omnichannel, multi-wave campaigns that target the right consumer touchpoints at the right times. But despite the growing involvement of machines in our world, there's still a necessity for human creativity and intuition. That’s why we created “The Human Intelligence Project.” This project offers a glimpse inside the minds of our team members. For our ninth employee showcase, we’re shining the light on one of our account executive, Mike Anderson.

Introducing Mike Anderson, a.k.a. “Old Man Mike”

Here at Max Connect, Mike has been dubbed “Old Man Mike,” because he’s one of the oldest at Max Connect. Plus, we thought he deserved a cool biker nickname. Mike prides himself on coming up with new creative ideas for his clients. He has 24 years of marketing experience, 15 years of radio advertising, and nine years of ad agency and automotive marketing experience. Not only does Mike know a lot about marketing, he also likes to crack jokes, so he's a solid addition to the team.

Mike has lived more than half of his life in Utah. He’s been married to his wife, Bobbi, for 20 years. Together, they have three kids and one son-in-law. Outside of the office, Mike loves hanging with Family and going to his kids’ cheer competitions and soccer games. To blow off steam, he enjoys cruising on his Harley while soaking up the high mountain views.

Brace Yourself...There’s More Human Intelligence to Come

The Human Intelligence Project isn’t over yet. We’re excited to showcase our entire crew, which has been hand selected because they live and breathe marketing. Hit us up at (385) 425-6731, or send us an email at if you need the help of our creative and talented marketing team.

P.S. Our graphic designer, Brian, is up next for “The Human Intelligence Project,” so make sure to check back next week!