The Human Intelligence Project - Phil

Phil Case is up next for the “The Human Intelligence Project." This effort showcases the wide ranging skills and experience of Max Connect's team members.

Get to Know Phil Case

We would like to officially welcome Phil Case to the Max Connect Team as our newest Account Executive. Phil Case is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and a resident of Utah for 17 years. He’s passionate about accelerating the growth of businesses he works with. He loves everything about the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, running, and adventure. He has a bit of ADHD, is curious about everything, and loves to learn about businesses, meet new people and strike up conversation. In his spare time, he loves to mountain bike, ski, backpack, run and play the piano, enjoys being with his wife and kids, and traveling to new places.  He’s often trying to motivate four children up a mountain or kayaking a lake. One thing to know about Phil is that he can grill a killer rack of ribs. He likes to cook his personal BBQ sauce.

In Case’s role prior to joining Max Connect, he was the Managing Partner of Fluid Advertising, where he grew the agency from 4 to 35+ full-time employees in a 6 year period. His previous experience includes working with national and regional brands, such as BD Medical, Verizon, Sportsman Warehouse, Blackberry, Oldcastle Materials, Pluralsight, HP, and Circustrix. Phil also built three additional departments and created key service offerings (software | product development, strategy, account-based B2B marketing, Amazon Advertising and e-commerce conversion optimization). 

In 2018, Case helped launch a 501(c)(6) The Utah Outdoor Association (UOA) to support the Outdoor Industry in Utah. UOA has an active board of 15 representing some of the largest outdoor brands in the industry. He took international cancer screening company, Anpac Bio-medical Science, public on the NASDAQ Exchange in January 2020, successfully raising over $17 Million in capital as part of the IPO.

When asked about joining Max Connect, Phil said, “I am thrilled to join the Max Connect team. I have personally met and known dozens of agency owners in Utah and throughout the United States but none matched the digital marketing expertise and commitment to client growth that I have seen at Max Connect. The willingness to constantly innovate, leverage new tools and cutting-edge techniques and an insatiable curiosity with digital trends and consumption patterns allows the agency to maintain its leadership in data-driven marketing. The next several years will be exciting!”