The Human Intelligence Project - Will

It’s part three of “The Human Intelligence Project,” and next on our list is William Rowe.

Get to Know Will Rowe

Will is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and has been with Max Connect for just over 3 years. He does the back end work that isn’t typically seen. Essentially, he pushes the buttons so you don't have to. Known as the quiet and introverted one of the office, Will would rather let his work speak for him. He strives to get the job done correctly the first time and on time. With that said, he’s always looking at ways that he can improve and become a more efficient worker.

Outside of work, Will enjoys staying home with his hardworking and supportive wife of almost 6 years and his two daughters. He considers himself the proud leader of the girl squad. Fun fact about Will? He has an affinity for shoes. In fact, he claims his love has gone to an unhealthy level. When he’s not admiring his shoe collection, Will collects old vinyl records and educates his kids on the classics while having dance parties.

Stay Tuned for More Human Intelligence

At Max Connect, we combine the most sophisticated machine learning technologies and the smartest minds in the industry. We call it human intelligence. We just launched the “The Human Intelligence Project,” so make sure to check our blog next week as we feature another team member. If you’re in need of fresh, forward-thinking marketing campaign, hit us up at (801) 260-2835, or send us an email at